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There are two drastically different sides to moving: being able to have a fresh start versus the hassle of learning a whole new habitat. Luckily, humans are easily able to adapt to the downsides, while there are many upsides to moving.

Moving is no easy feat. To many, it’s downright scary. Yet it also brings with it many benefits for your mind and body. Once you realize that the challenges of moving can be overcome, you can focus on the many advantages. 

 1. You Learn More About Yourself 

Moving to a new place is like unlocking a new level of your potential. You’re forced to socialize in a new culture, find new hobbies, try different foods, and come up with ideas for unique situations you’ve never faced. 

In doing this, you learn more about yourself in previously unexplored ways. It might seem like you know yourself now, but see what a move can bring out of you and you would be surprised. 

Even the challenges from moving will show you your imperfects and give you an idea of areas you need to work on. How would you have reacted if your home had to be relocated due to an eroding coastline as the four families did this year?

2. You Leave the Worst of it Behind 

In moving, you probably know what exactly you DON’T want based on your prior location. You will also be more experienced in choosing the right moving company for a seamless transition. If you weren’t getting the help you need in terms of health, make sure you can in your new area. 

Moving allows you to leave behind certain people or situations which bring about stress. A breakup or divorce, a fallout with a friend, or recent unemployment may leave you overwhelmed. Your fresh start can help unload the weight of such challenges. 

3. You Gain a Wider Perspective and Broader Network

Based on how far away you’re going, your perspective can change significantly simply from moving. Even a small move will allow you to see outside your comfortable box. 

Experiencing certain issues firsthand, whether they be educational, religious, or economical, will positively impact your ability to see things in new ways. 

In gaining new perspectives, you’ll be talking to people you would never have spoken to if not for moving. New friends often mean beneficial connections and could be a stepping stone in your career. 

4. You Learn to be More Grateful 

One of the most rewarding traits is having a sense of gratitude. Moving helps you achieve it in many ways. You learn to appreciate the people you now have to leave behind who won’t be around anymore. 

When packing, you probably won’t be able to take everything, so you’re more grateful for those items you can keep. When you finally move, you learn to be grateful for your former home and its lessons, and for your new abode.

5. You Become More Independent

You might be moving somewhere that has no one to help you upon arrival. You’re forced to rely on yourself, and while that can be annoying, it forces you to be more independent, which is arguably always a good thing. 

It means you’ll develop bravery, and will be better able to handle tough situations in life. While you should still be willing to take help, you’ll probably learn what’s right for you on your new journey. 


If you do your research properly, moving to a new place can indeed be everything it’s cracked up to be. Although there will always be unforeseen situations, they almost never override the positives of moving. (Choosing professional movers decreases the chance of any surprises). 

The benefits of moving on your mind and body should not be disregarded. Even the most luxurious home won’t be as enjoyable if you don’t appreciate the unseen aspects of a move Be aware of what you can’t see or touch when you make your next move.