Relocation can be a costly process requiring time for preparation. Even though packing some items can be straightforward, items such as large mirrors, piece of art and pictures can really bring about a difficult situation.

In order to move breakables such as pictures, suitable moving boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping papers, sturdy packing tape and permanent markers will be needed. The easiest way to get these packing supplies is to make orders from moving companies. Boxes that are larger than the pictures should be used. The following is a simple guide to go about the process of packing pictures.

pack picturesWrapping the pictures

An enough large space should be cleared and bubble wrap and packing paper spread. The framed pictures are then positioned on top and then wrapped well as if wrapping a present.

Taping the wrapped pictures

Once through with wrapping the pictures, tape the object in full circles. Other people like to tape a large X over glass region to prevent the glass spillage into the box in case they break. After taping, the side of glass should then be marked for easier unpacking process.

Stuff the packing box using crumpled paper

The bottom of the packing box should then be stuffed using crumpled paper. Stuff wrapped picture into the paper firmly. If more than a single object is to be put in one box, cardboard dividers should be used.

More paper should be put on the upper section of the packing box. The empty spaces should be filled with more crumpled paper to prevent the objects in the box from shaking during transportation. After putting the object in the box, close the parcel.

Use packing tape unsparingly

Tape the package all round unsparingly ensuring that no part can be loose. The package should be made very tight as well.

pack picturesLabel the packing box

Label the box according to its content, whether mirror or picture and the side the glass is facing. The word ‘Fragile’ should also be written so it is easily visible. The movers will be more attentive when handling the package.

Following this guide should get all the pictures to the new home safely, contact Relocate Stress Free to assist with your packing and moving needs.