When that refrigerator was first bought, you never thought you’d move one day. Or maybe it was bought to spruce up the house for a resale. Unfortunately, the fridge has become your most cherished appliance. Wouldn’t it be nice to carry it to your new house? Sure, but is that a practical, economical and smart decision? There are some downsides to taking your appliances with you.

Here are some important reasons why the fridge among other appliances should NOT be taken on the next move.

Moving is painful

Most of the large appliances are usually cumbersome and also very awkward to move once installed. A professional may be needed to disassemble the appliance. Additionally, there’s a possibility of damaging the floor underneath it. The appliance could also be damaged during the move.

It’s not worth it

The whole cost of disassembling, loading it to the moving truck and transporting across the country can be really expensive. Even more expensive than buying a new one.

move appliancesIt may not blend with the new home

When purchasing an appliance, try to buy one that best fits the décor in style and color was selected. However, when moving to a new home, there’s probability that the appliance wouldn’t complement into the new space. The effort would be in vain if the appliance is brought along and doesn’t match the space.

The appliance can devalue the new home

When realtors are assessing the value of the new home, how new the appliances are can affect the house. If the appliances are old in a new house, well, anyone can guess the results. When negotiating the price of the house with new buyers later on in future, a homeowner can use their new appliances as bargaining chip. Switching the appliances after the prospective buyers have viewed and negotiated the price of the house is not going to be possible. So it’s better to do it when moving in.