After a move, the kitchen is the first room to be organized simply because it’s where most of the things take place, including family gatherings and meal preparation. With this mind, the kitchen space needs to be organized, comfortable and functional. The process can be very difficult for smaller kitchens or larger ones but with smaller counter tops and few storage space.

Here are quick tips from Relocate Stress Free to help organize a kitchen after moving into a new home.

Note the major spots of the kitchen

These areas include main counter, stove, sink and fridge. Assessing the list of item stock to identify things that will be needed most should follow. Such items include silverware, cutting knives, cutting boards, dish towels, dishes, pots and spices among others. These items should also be the first to unpack.

All boxes collected in one area

The packed boxes with kitchen items should have a ‘kitchen’ label on them. They should be placed in one area in the kitchen. It’s necessary to carry out this first so that when arranging items in the cupboard no movements will have to be made again.

organizing kitchenUnpack essential items first

Items used on a daily basis should be unpacked and arranged closer to the working zone such as the sink. Cutlery is used daily, so it should be placed in drawer to the immediate right of sink, if right-handed. Cloths and dishtowels should then be placed in the immediate drawer to the lower side. Recipe books should then follow in the drawer after one with towels.

Arrange items on shelves and cupboards

Plates, glasses, cups and bowls will be used daily hence should be placed in cupboard or shelves at lower or eye level. Glasses are commonly used than plates hence should be placed in cupboard that’s closer to sink for easier use.

Pans and pots closer to stove

Theses together with their lids should be put closer to the stove. The drawer found below the stove may be used for items that are not needed for daily use including roasting pans, baking sheets and casserole dishes. Special occasion dishes should be kept in china cabinet, cupboards or buffet tables.

Toxic substances in areas difficult to reachorganizing kitchen

This is much better especially if young kids usually come to the kitchen. These can be kept high up in the cupboards. As for cleaning detergents and soaps, they can be placed in the drawer below the sinks.

This guide should get any kitchen up and running within the first day in the new home. Welcome home!