Basements, tool sheds and garage are some of the toughest areas to pack when moving. The process of packing the garage is time consuming and arduous hence taking much effort to complete before the moving date. The process can be frantic but seeking assistance from Relocate Stress Free if the task is too much to be completed alone is much better. Postponing it should however be the last thing to do.

Here’s a simple guide that can be used in the process of packing the garage for a move.

How to pack a garage for movingSorting items before packing

First of all, a lot of moving supplies and packing boxes are going to be needed. Some of the supplies needed include boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing paper, color markers and zip ties. Sorting should be done from one point and proceeded to the next once the entire garage is divided into sectors to be worked on. The items should be sorted into give away, keep and discard piles.

Sorting out the items may not be completed in a single day hence should be started early enough, about 2 weeks before moving date, if possible.

Deciding the fate of the items

Most of the items in the garage are not worth carrying along to the new home. Some are dangerous and cannot be allowed in the moving truck while some are simply worthless and should be disposed of.  Some items will be in good condition but not needed. These should be given away or donated.

Packing the items for transportation

Some items are oddly shaped and with sharp edges such as hand tools. The blades should therefore be protected well by wrapping each item in bubble wrap. The garden tools with long handles are better grouped together then tied tightly with zip ties or cord.

Power tools will need to be disassembled and detachable parts separately wrapped but kept closer to its main body when moving.

Gas or oil operated machinery such as lawn mowers should be emptied of fuel completely before being loaded in the moving truck. If not driving the car during moving day, an auto transportation company should be sought to transport it. Bicycles should be dismantled and packed in special boxes.

How to pack a garage for moving

If done at least for in short periods daily and longer periods during weekends for two weeks, packing the garage should not be overwhelming for anyone.  If you require help on how to pack the garage for moving please contact Relocate Stress Free.