Its common practice to welcome new neighbors with housewarming gifts in Canada. It’s a nice way of showing them that their neighbors are thoughtful people. When moving trucks are seen moving into the neighborhood, it is a clear signal that new neighbors have just arrived to settle in that side of town.

One may offer assistance in moving the moving boxes to the respective rooms. But what’s the better way of welcoming new neighbors than through gifts?

Relocate Stress Free has compiled the following gift ideas for the new neighbors.

Welcoming New NeighborsFreshly baked goodies

Everyone will appreciate freshly baked cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Welcoming new neighbors with baked goods is an old tradition and still cherished by many people. When baking brownies or cookies, the peanut butter or nuts may be skipped due to allergy issues. They should be kept simple just like the simple chocolate cookies. If using family recipe, it can be included in the gift and perhaps some ingredients as well so the new neighbor can bake their own goodies too.

Easy to eat snacks

A gift basket can also be created by including fancy looking and inexpensive crackers and other snacks. This is a good gift idea for new neighbors that are very busy and may not have had the opportunity to shop.

Welcome mats and street number emblems

It might not be possible to know the new neighbor’s interior décor preferences, however by looking the external surrounding it’s possible to know the exterior décor. This makes it easier to select the best welcome mat or simply a street number emblems.  These gifts are more personal and give the new neighbors a sense of belonging to the new neighborhood.

Welcoming New Neighbors

Cleaning items

A broom is one the traditional gifts for new neighbors. This can be included in the green cleaning product basket. Some of the items to include are vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.

Housewarming package

Some of the things to include in a house warming package are the events calendar of the town, important emergency phone numbers, map of the block with names and phone numbers of neighbors among others. Barbeque accessories and recipe books may also be included in the package.

There are also other housewarming gifts which can be bought from gift stores, but the above five are fair enough to use in welcoming new neighbors after an arduous move.