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If you’ve moved this Christmas, you’re still getting used to both your outside environment and being inside your brand new home. Things are fresh and, well, it might feel a little strange.

If you need Christmas decor, chances are you will want to buy locally. This is the case for 55% of Canadian consumers, who are being more mindful of giving back due to the events this year.

Whether you’re shopping local or online, you still have the task of turning your new house into a home and filling it up with the spirit of Christmas. Here’s how you can do that.

Realign Your Decor

Your new house might be painted in a different colour from your previous location. This means you may have to purchase decor that better fits in with the new palette.

Christmas trees, which saw purchases worth over $91.2 million just two years back, are not of the one size fits all type. Make sure you get one that’s suitable for the room you want to set it up in.

Watch the Plasterwork

Your house may or may not have new plasterwork, which reportedly takes about a year to fully dry. While a lived-in house feels homey, it’s probably better to not destroy any walls right away. It’s not why you went through the ordeal of moving

For the time-being, steer clear of wall-mounted decorations and all heavy items in general. You might not feel at home just yet, but keeping the house as it was when you fell in love with it will help you get there.

Take Advantage of New Decorative Spaces

While the walls may be off-limits for now, there will likely be other sections of your home you can take advantage of when setting up holiday decor.

Perhaps you now have a staircase or a front garden. Liven up the staircase with garlands and bulbs. Put Santa and reindeer decor in your garden if you’re so inclined.

Meet Your Neighbours

You will want to be on friendly terms with your new neighbours for the holiday season. Take the time to get acquainted, from a safe distance, of course, and share some warmth for the season.

Be Active in the Community

These days, many small towns and even big cities are holding virtual events as a workaround due to the pandemic. People will always find a way to celebrate what they love. 

If you’re a Christmas lover, try scouting for activities that might be going on this season and take part. It might be different and odd, but it’s something you’ll likely enjoy in the end. 

Start New Traditions

Your virtual event could turn into a tradition for the family. Who knows? You could also start your own traditions in your new home. 

Let the family give their best ideas, It’s okay to feel sad about not being able to visit old friends and family this time around, but don’t let it keep you back from having a festive spirit. 

Have fun trying options for a new tradition. It may not quite feel just right this year, but that’s all part of the fun of having a new home. You’ll get another chance next season.

Stick to Your Usual Habits 

Even as you adopt new traditions, don’t forget to practice old habits. Nothing beats cuddling up around the television and watching Christmas films as you wait for the big day to arrive. 

Eat your usual Christmas meals, bask in your decor, and embrace your new environment. Get ready for the new year with a positive spirit.

About to Move? 

Perhaps you’re just on the verge of moving and not quite in your new home yet. Maybe that’s what’s going to be your big step to start the new year. 

If that’s the case, reach out to our experienced team of professionals at Relocate Stress Free to help make your holiday moving experience as magical as Christmas itself.