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Moving during the holidays can be a challenging task. Not only is it the busiest time of the year commercially, but you have to ensure to keep gifts hidden from the kiddos and, of course, watch the weather. 

There are benefits, however, such as lower rates during what is an off-peak moving time. This is especially helpful considering that the effects of the weather might make it difficult for friends to assist you. 

If you are among those trying to get in your move before the peak of the holiday season, here are some ways to reduce the stress of relocating in late November or December. 

  1. Plan Ahead

Nothing beats a well planned out move. As early as you can, start packing items you won’t be using soon, and make arrangements to have utilities turned off. 

Also, secure a moving company way ahead (Go with Relocate Stress Free if you want to dispel the rest of the stressful situations that might arise during a move).

Be mindful of the weather when you schedule the move, and have a contingency plan in case you need to stay somewhere temporarily on short notice. 

  1. Purge Your Home 

A de-cluttering session significantly cuts down on the stress you might encounter during a holiday move. Deep cleaning your home means you will have less to pack into boxes and move. 

In addition, you will be making space for the “stuff” that comes along with the season. Gifts, decorations, and more might be on their way to your new home. 

The holiday season is one of the best times to donate items you no longer use. The entire family can play their part in choosing items to give away, showcasing their holiday spirit. 

  1. Secure Important Documents 

Once you’ve planned ahead and don’t have to rush your move, you should have enough time to secure your most important documents. Keep things like birth and marriage certificates, bills, and bank records organized. 

You are also going to want to have your moving contracts, closing papers, and rental agreements somewhere. A document showing a list of contacts should be kept in a folder close by in case of emergencies. 

  1. Be Mindful of Cold-Sensitive Items

Moving during the winter is vastly different from moving in the summer. Sub-zero temperatures will put items like glass, wooden furniture, electronics, houseplants, and musical instruments at risk of damage. 

Protect your belongings by placing them in layers of bubble wrap, using thick blankets, and using insulated packing materials. Consider storing electronics in airtight containers. 

Further, remember to put liquids in containers that will allow for expansion and avoid breakage when frozen. Finally, protect wooden furniture by waxing them no less than two weeks prior to moving. 

  1. Check the Weather and Adapt 

Always be sure to stay updated on the weather as you get closer to your move. You may have to change certain arrangements or simply take steps to avoid cleaning stress. 

The wet sidewalks might see a lot of muddy boots entering your home. Try placing flattened cardboard boxes to prevent a messy floor. Better yet, go with plastic sheets to avoid water. 

  1. Check Your Taxes and Reduce Costs 

The financial strain of moving will have you looking for any option to cut costs. You may want to consult with an accountant or use tax software to find out if you’re able to deduct moving-related expenses. 

  1. Organize Items Intentionally

Since you might be decorating as soon as you step into your new home, be sure to pack decor in an easy-to-reach place. In addition to those, put familiar items altogether so that you can brighten up your new place right away. 

Those items that hold sentimental meaning and truly make your home a home will be needed immediately for the holiday season. You’ll want to make a shortlist so you know exactly what to pack. 

  1. Buy a vacuum sealer. 

Just for this time of year, you should purchase a vacuum sealer to store summer clothes since you won’t need access to them for a few months. This will help reduce the moving space you require and protect your items.


Moving during the holidays should bring about joy, not stress. Enjoy the drive to your new home, bask in the decorated sites, and make it as stress free as possible.