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Hesitated with moving during the summer? If so, you can breathe easy now that the fall season is here. Fall typically means cooler weather and a much easier moving process without the sun beating down your back. 

Of course, the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba all faced unexpected strong winds and showers during their abrupt transition to fall in early September. This leads us to the first “DO” for moving during fall. 

DO Be Mindful of the Weather

While the fall season is admired for having temperatures that are just right — not too hot and not too cold — you never know what can happen. We’ve already had one surprise. The fewer surprises you have when moving, the better. 

DO Purchase New Moving Supplies

Usually, we’ll look to friends and local businesses for free boxes when moving. While this is a great way to save money, there’s a risk that comes with doing that this year. 

The coronavirus is still alive and moving around. To put safety first, it’s best to buy new supplies like boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape, rather than borrowing from others.

DO Prepare a Checklist 

As we mentioned, there’s nothing worse than an unexpected surprise when moving. Avoid this by having a checklist in place so you are fully prepared and on top of the moving process. 

Your checklist may include finding the right moving company a month ahead, hosting a garage sale, getting the forms for an address change or doing it online, scheduling disconnections, and canceling subscriptions. 

DO Declutter Before you Move 

Not decluttering before a move, especially if you’ve followed our second tip, will lead to more spending. You’ll have to use more boxes — which you’re buying this time around. 

It might also mean more movers and increased charges from the moving company. It might be a hassle for you to declutter beforehand, but you will thank yourself when you unpack at your new home. 

Additionally, decluttering will give you a fresher start on your journey.   There’s no doubt you have some junk laying around that needs to throw — not come along with you to your brand new home. 

DON’T Pack Last Minute

Last-minute packing is the absolute opposite of what you want to do for a successful move. In your head, you might calculate that it will take you much less time than you truly need to pack. Remember, time flies. 

The stress of moving is already a weight on your back, so don’t overburden yourself with rushed packing. Start by packing those items you use least often, and work in small portions.

DON’T Hire Movers too Late 

Allow yourself enough time to choose professional movers by hiring early. It takes time to scout out the right company for your needs. But if you take too long, their available slots might get filled. 

Last-minute hiring could also mean a bigger price tag among the few choices you have left. Ideally, you’ll want to secure moves at least two months in advance, and a month at the latest. 

DON’T Forget to Share the News

Moving can take up a lot of time and mental energy. Although it’s in your checklist, it’s worth mentioning that you ensure you inform the right people about your move. Sometimes, phone calls are a hassle. 

Yet you will want to let close relatives know about your new location. You will also have to update your bank, post office, and organize things with your utility provider. 

Final Thoughts

Moving can be easy once you have the right team of movers — speak to us to find out if we are that team — and stick to these dos and don’ts. 

If you’re moving this fall, also keep in mind the risks presented by COVID-19, and take the right precautions. The week before the move, you should be able to sit back, relax, and smile with confidence.