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Depending on where you are in life, moving can be exciting and life-changing. It’s always scary, but you’re still looking forward to what’s on the other side. 

One survey reports that Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are the three fastest-growing provinces in the country. The urban agglomeration of Calgary is the fastest-growing of its kind. 

So most of our population is happy to move. If you’re not in that category, you’re probably like many other people who see moving as a hassle, a big expense, and a time sucker. 

We can help you avoid most of the stress of moving. However, there are still some mistakes you should be on the lookout for:

     1. Not making enough time to pack

If you’re a last-minute packer when it comes to traveling, chances are you may put off packing to move, too. There’s a full guarantee you’ll end up regretting it. Humans tend to believe they can get more done in less time. 

What we like to forget is that distractions are often welcomed during unappealing tasks — like packing. Additionally, delicate items will take longer to pack than others, sometimes a whole day longer. 

Avoid by: Give yourself a realistic timeline to figure out what rooms you’ll pack on which days. A one-bedroom home takes as much as two days to pack, a two-bedroom takes two days, and so on. 

     2. Making too much time to pack 

Who isn’t guilty of packing items, only to find that you have to take them out right away. Not to lower your excitement, but know that you’ll give yourself double the workload when you start packing too far in advance. Plus, you’ll have boxes all over, and who wants that? 

Avoid by: Use the prescribed timeline above. Control your anticipation to move. Before you know it you’ll be settled into your new home so don’t rush.  

     3. Trying to do it all by yourself 

It’s one thing to pack boxes, and it’s another to load them into a moving truck or whatever vehicle you use to relocate. Your health, expenses, and not to mention the very items you hold dear could take a blow if you try a DIY move. 

Think about fuel costs and potentially dropping your goods. Of course it’s not planned, but things tend to happen when you try to carry items you possibly never have before. Also, is your back really up to the task? 

Avoid by: Research and hire professional movers to make sure you avoid health and safety risks. In the end, you could save more money. Additionally, you won’t end up going straight to bed to rest instead of enjoying your new home. 

     4. Not making a checklist

If you want to feel good about your move, make sure you go about it in an organized fashion. That means making to-dos for all crucial tasks. It keeps you focused and manages your time. 

Avoid by: Prepare a checklist (and stick to it). This gives you a sense of accomplishment every time you cross something off. That feeling is a huge stress-reliever in any situation — but especially when moving. 

     5. Not taking inventory

Another essential moving tip to stay organized is to take inventory. The last thing you want is to have to rummage through boxes after you’re in your new home. You already have to unpack for each room. 

Avoid by: While packing, prepare a list of the items in each box. Give each box a number and label which room they go in. When the movers come in, cross off the boxes on your list. Do the same when they’re unpacking.

     6. Not packing an essentials bag

If you pack without thinking about the first few days in your new home, you’re asking for a headache. While it’s wise to take inventory, you still won’t be fully prepared if something happens. 

Avoid by: You’re going to want to use a duffel bag or suitcase to separate those items that you use daily as well as stuff you might need for an emergency. Things like toiletries, chargers, documents, medications. 

     7. Continuing to hoard

You don’t have to be a diagnosed hoarder to feel the effects of it on moving day. If you’ve been collecting junk, it’s going to take longer to move, and could cost you more labor or fuel. 

Avoid by: Packing is a great time to declutter, donate, and recycle items you no longer need. A lot of things can be completely thrown away, too. The liberation you’ll get is all part of the moving journey. 

     8. Not getting the right insurance

You don’t want to suffer unnecessary loss both in money and with your possessions. While finding a reputable company is a must — and using bubble wrap crucial — unpredicted events can and do happen.

Your moving company will likely have insurance — but up to a point. Chances are, you won’t get back the amount that you think your items are worth. 

Avoid by: Ask your moving company about their insurance. In addition, look into the best liability coverage for your personal needs. Finally, do research about who pays if a mover gets injured while on the job.

The best way to make moving easier is to plan ahead and be aware of what could happen. Don’t burden yourself any more than you have to. And, most of all, expect the unexpected.