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New Year, new house? If you’re moving at the start of the year, you don’t want to be bogged down with any burdensome tasks. Rather, a sense of relief should be the result of your latest move. 

In addition to getting the right professionals to help you, moving is a plus for your mental health for a number of reasons. You not only get a fresh start, but you also get a cleaner environment. 

Out With The Old…

Typically, a move leads you to a rejuvenated home that you’re not going to want to fill with old, unused possessions acquired over the years. 

You’ll probably want to put run down furniture and unused valuables into storage. Another option is to donate these items. Giving back for the new year, combined with a new, cleaner space, eases the mind. 

A New Chapter Awaits 

Whether or not anything else in your life changes, moving closes out a chapter in your life and begins a new one. In many ways, you’re now able to leave behind any negativity, reevaluate your life, and start over. 

Save Some Money

In making a new beginning, you can organize things so that you have more money after the big move. Aside from a profitable house sale, you might also opt to downsize your home.

A smaller home is not just cheaper, it’s also a plus as it puts you in closer contact with your companions. You’re also obliged to make wiser purchase decisions as there’s less space to put it. 

Get New Neighbors 

Your old neighborhood and the people that came with it might be a legit factor in your decision to move. Either way, you’re going to have new neighbors and possibly new friends when you relocate. 

You can’t know in advance who you’ll click with, but meaningful connections are among the top ways to improve mental health. Further, you get a chance to be a better you — if possible — in your new circle. 

Circling Back 

If you haven’t moved just yet, there are also things you can do to mentally prepare. Now that you know it’s blue skies ahead, there’s no reason to be afraid, but there are always ways to be more ready. 

First off, don’t disregard your routine with old friends. Amid the organization and packing, set time aside for lunch dates. Your kids’ routines should also remain in place so they don’t stress about leaving their home and friends. 

Consider Going Green 

The green bandwagon is not just a trend, and if you’re on it, you know how good it feels to make a positive impact on the environment. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to do this while moving. 

Make use of old newspapers, clothing, and linens for wrapping fragile and non-fragile items. Your home also probably offers a range of tote bags and containers you can use. 

Take advantage of a moving company that uses reusable boxes — such as Relocate Stress Free — or rent plastic containers. The professionals can definitely help here. 

Mind Your Physical Health

Of course, moving involves a lot of physical tasks as well. Be prepared for the job by keeping up with your exercise routine if you have one. If you don’t yet, that’s fine (just make a new year’s resolution for it!).

Regardless of your physical state, be sure to use the proper equipment like gloves with grips, wrist and knee braces, and well-cushioned shoes.  Pretend as if you’re going to the gym.

In line with that, you’re going to want to eat and drink as needed ahead of and during your moving task. Stay hydrated with water, rather than caffeine and sugar which do the opposite. 

Finally, pace yourself if possible. We know you’ve got a schedule to stick to, but try and remain steady to avoid injury and reduce stress. Above all, make sure you get sufficient sleep for both your physical and mental health.