A moving box is just any box, isn’t it? Well not really. When moving, there are a lot of things to be moved, quickly and efficiently. A box apart from being of the right size should also not hinder the moving process.

Relocate Stress Free offers these essential tips on the sizes when choosing moving boxes.

moving boxesChoose modular moving boxes

Moving boxes should be modular, meaning that they ought to be of same sizes but with different heights. This is particularly important especially when the boxes are stack one on top of the other. When stack together, the 3 boxes of different heights should all amount to the same height as the tallest packing box. This makes loading the moving truck much easier.

Beware of the small boxes that can only fit teapot

Moving boxes should be large enough to fit almost every related things in one compaction. When the boxes are rather too small, there will be too many packages to be handled but when they are of appropriate sizes, only a few of the boxes will be needed. A typical book box should be at least 16” by 16” by 12”. The largest moving box shouldn’t be larger than 16” by 16” by 24”. When the boxes are also too large, it makes it much difficult to lift especially if carry heavy items.

Beware of the flimsy and weak boxes

The boxes should not only be of appropriate sizes but should also be strong to withstand heavy weights without falling apart. They should not give way to external or internal pressure and should also resist tearing, crushing or damage. Good moving boxes should allow items to be stacked to the top without sagging.

The boxes should have handle holes

So the boxes are large enough, strong but with o handle holes. How will they to be loaded into the moving truck? The smaller boxes may lack the handle holes since they can be carried with ease. Boxes for heavier items should have handle holes for easier lifting.

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