All the effort applied in cultivating the indoor plants can go to waste if the owner does not know how to care for them when moving. Unlike other items, they cannot be packed in moving boxes but should be treated like living things.

If moving the plants on long distance, they’ll need to be transported in temperature controlled surroundings such as in a car. Extreme temperatures plus lack of fresh circulating air can be fatal to their existence.

Relocate Stress Free has compiled a simple guide on how to move houseplants.

Decide which plants to move

Moving all the houseplants may not be possible, hence decision on which ones to move will be necessary.

moving houseplants3 weeks to moving day

  • Plants in clay pots should be repotted into strong plastic containers of same size. Changing the pots can be harmful to certain plants.

2 weeks to moving day

  • Larger plants should be pruned to improve packing and producing plants that are compact and healthy. Succulents and ferns should be pruned since they don’t respond well.

1 week to moving day

  • Plants should be checked for parasites and insects.
  • If using insecticides on the plants, it should be done with caution while adhering to application directions.

2 days to the move

The houseplants should be watered normally. Over-watering during winter should be avoided as it may result to freezing.

Moving day

  • Plants should be packed early in the morning or the night of the eve.
  • Large houseplants should be wrapped with tissue paper or old sheet to prevent breakage of branches.
  • The pots should be placed in the moving boxes while ensuring that they fit snugly.
  • Paper can be used around the pot’s base to hold them in place.
  • The sides of the boxes should be punched with some air holes and the lid fasten loosely to give the plants air supply.
  • The boxes should then be loaded upright on the moving truck between firm objects. Labeling appropriately should also be done for proper identification.

Upon arrival, the plants should be unpacked immediately from the boxes. They shouldn’t be moved too frequently so they can acclimatize to the new surroundings. With proper care, they should be able to flourish in the new surroundings.