Decluttering a home can lead to a minimal and peaceful life. There’s less time to clean, maintain stuff and locate things in the house.

Decluttering services can be sought from Relocate Stress Free but the homeowner must be willing to initiate the process themselves. Anyone looking forward to staring decluttering, here’s a simple guide to assist.

Begin small

Decluttering process is overwhelming when looked at as a whole. So the best approach to begin with is to focus on a small space for a start, such as dining table, shelf or kitchen counter. Only the needed stuffs should be put back but the rest cleared out.

decluttering guideSeparate needs from wants

It’s possible to have emotional attachments with objects. This will make it difficult deciding to let go. The best way is to decide what is really needed and what is just wanted but not used. The process isn’t going to be easy, so things that are really difficult to get rid of can be stored away in temporary storage for 6 months (like Crate It Storage). If after that period they are not needed, then it’s time to get rid of them. Relocate Stress Free can provide assistance to your storage solutions.

Work progressively in chunks

Beginning small will initiate the decluttering process, but there’s a whole house to be decluttered. When dealing with the larger tasks such as basements, the job is best managed in smaller tasks than as a whole. Doing the work at least 10 minutes a day is a good pace. During the weekends when free, one can spend the entire weekend if free and in the mood or do it piece by piece but keeping the work going on.

Involve others

If there are kids, or other people living in the house, they might be affected if their belongings are disposed of without their consent. Involving them in the decision making process is a good way of avoiding disagreements and raising emotions.

Schedule some time for disposal

Once collected all the stuffs in grocery bags or boxes, they can be set aside to be given away or donated. Garage sales and auctions can also offer a good solution to earn some extra paycheck. The items should be disposed of as soon as possible so as to avoid possibilities of second thoughts.

This is a nice decluttering guide that can be used for virtually any room and for any reason, whether getting things neat, moving or downsizing.