Tipping is a common practice in the Canadian service industry, moving service industry is not an exception. Relocate Stress Free has been asked by many clients regarding tipping. So, when should tipping be done and how much should be tipped? Is it a must to tip movers?

There are so many questions that homeowners have concerning tipping the movers. Here’s a simple clarification on the point.

Is tipping a must?tip movers

Tipping isn’t a requirement, and anyone can tip their movers the way they like, same as in bars and restaurants. Tips reflect one’s satisfaction and appreciation of the mover’s efforts. Just like in the other service industries, gratuities given to movers often form a significant part of compensation for the physically demanding jobs. The moving crew expect to earn a little money through tips, though the tips will not affect service level rendered.

How much should be tipped?

As with most industries, the standard tip for moving industry approximately 15 to 20% of total move distributed to the crew. The amount tipped may also depend on the difficulty of the task. For instance, if heavy items such as hot tubs, pool tables or pianos are being moved, one may consider tipping more.

When should tipping be done?

It’s more appropriate to tip after the service is given, just like bars and restaurants. Tipping movers should therefore be done after moving process is complete. The tip will act as a satisfactory conclusion for the hard work well performed.

Who should be tipped?

It is recommended to leave the duty of dividing the tip to the crew’s supervisor. The tip will be distributed to each crew member equally. There is no need of worrying how much should each crew member be tipped. Moving company employees treat one another as teammates hence will act with loyalty.

tip moversIs it possible to substitute cash with foods and drinks?

This is not recommended. After completing the job, the movers may not be interested in eating and drinking or some may be busy. After all, anyone else would prefer cash to food on their payday. Offering drinks and food is a kind gesture, but shouldn’t be used as substitute for cash.

Tipping is simply like in any other industry. If the movers have done a good job they can be tipped well. They will show gratitude for the tip and everyone will go home satisfied.