Moving can be stressful without a well prepared moving checklist. It’s always advisable to plan the moving process at least 8 weeks in advance, but sometimes that cannot be possible. Relocate Stress Free has created a simple moving checklist that can be printed and kept throughout until the moving process is complete.

Moving Checklist

8 weeks to moving date

  • Create a budget for the moving expenses.
  • Create a move file to keep track of receipts and moving information.
  • Research the new community.

7 weeks to moving dates

  • Compile medical, shot, dental, prescription records.
  • Ask for doctor referrals in the new community.
  • Arrange for transfer of veterinarian and school records transfer.
  • Gather copies of financial and legal documents.
  • Call the insurance agents to determine changes to policies.
  • Contact groups, health clubs and organizations to transfer or cancel memberships.

Moving Checklist6 weeks to moving date

  • Separate things into keep, discard or donate piles.
  • Plan a garage sale.
  • Use items the non-allowable items such as aerosols, bleach, frozen food.

5 weeks to moving date

  • Order packing boxes and moving supplies.
  • Pack items that are less frequently used.
  • Label every box according to its contents and destined rooms.
  • Finalize the moving date.
  • File address change with postal service.

4 weeks to moving date

  • Book a move with moving company.
  • Notify utility service providers such as electricity, water and cell phone.
  • Create travel arrangements for pets.
  • Copy of pet immunization and medical records put in the moving file.
  • Host a garage sale.

3 weeks to moving date

  • Plan on how to transport plants.
  • Dispose of corrosives, poisons and flammables. A comprehensive list can be issued by the moving company.
  • Get automobile serviced.

Moving Checklist2 weeks to moving date

  • Notify professionals such as attorney, accountants, doctors, dentists and insurance providers.  Also notify schools and financial planners about the move.
  • Notify service companies including auto finance company, finance companies and credit card providers.
  • Notify government offices about the move.
  • Confirm travel arrangements for family and pets.

1 week to moving date

  • Notify friends and family of the new address.
  • Drain waterbeds and water hoses.
  • Drain oil and gas from lawn mowers, heaters, gas grills etc.
  • Defrost fridges.
  • Clean the house.

Moving day

  • Start early and confirm with the moving company.
  • Check rooms one last time to ensure nothing’s left behind.
  • Travel with family and pets to new home.

This moving checklist that can be helpful to any person moving either to new province or within the city. At Relocate Stress Free we can assist you with various pieces of your checklist, contact us today!