summer moving tipsFor many Canadians, summer is the most opportune moment to move- the weather is favorable, kids out of school and home buying at its peak. Moving can however be stressful despite the favorable weather, but with helpful summer moving tips and movers, it’s possible to relocate stress free.

Here are essential tips from Relocate Stress Free for renters and homebuyers planning to move this summer. The tips are arranged in time frames to make the process much easier.

Start early preparation

Preparation should start as early as 4 weeks to the moving date. This is the time to prepare and start informing your moving company and people about the moving date. Homeowners should find professional and licensed moving company, like Relocate Stress Free, that will conduct the process.

Take inventory of belongings Moving Checklist

Once a mover has been found, moving checklists on all the belongings and their worth should be prepared. Selection of things being moved with to the new home should also be done. Cleaning drawers, closets and storage areas. Items should be divided into pack, recycle and give away piles. Some may also be donated to charity or sold. Items that may not be needed 30 days to moving date can be packed in moving boxes.

Pictures of the new home should be taken so as to plan in advance on where to place furniture, artwork among other things.

Begin packing

Packing items into moving boxes should begin two weeks to moving date. Homeowner should also determine what items are in the allowable category of the moving company. The non-allowable items should be discarded or alternative transportation sought separately. If moving to a far place, travel arrangement for pets should also be found. Move out cleaning services such as carpet and heavy appliance cleaning should be done at this time.

Sort out valuables

Valuable items should be kept aside in safe place. The house or apartment should then be cleaned. Payment details with the company should be taken care of. Frozen foodstuffs should be consumed or given away. Necessities such as toiletries, cooking supplies should be put in moving boxes and marked appropriately.

Moving day

One last trip around the house should be made to ensure that nothing is left behind or overlooked.

Relocate Stress Free is a reputable Calgary moving company that can then take care of the transportation process to deliver items safely to the new home.