Circumstances don’t make a person. Likewise, office size doesn’t make a successful business. In the modern world, there are about a million ways technology plays a greater role than the physical space we work in. 

Remote workers, high rent, and economic changes are all reasons you may want to downsize. If you decide to do so, it should be done the right way. It may even lead to more productivity for reasons we’ll touch on below. But first, let’s start at the beginning. 

1. Preparing to win


Plan ahead and set goals

If you manage your business all by yourself — that’s great. You don’t have to refer to anyone else for decision-making. However, DO make decisions early — and that’s with or without a team. 

Additionally, ensure you set concrete goals that are in line with your company’s goals, values, and anything else that could be affected by the move. 

Discern your office needs

You know you’re going smaller but how much smaller exactly? Figure out what your office requires in anticipation of the change. Is smaller equipment an option? 

Would you be better off using electronic storage? What type of layout suits your employees? — We’ll go more into detail on that one later. For now, just be clear on your workspace must-haves.

Get help from the professionals

If you have the means to do so, allow an expert step in to help with packing, storage, and moving your office to its new location (Relocate Stress-Free are pros here).

Know your purpose and act on it

Be aware of what specific purpose all parts of your office serve. A more limited space does not have to mean less efficiency. On the same note, use multi-purpose supplies and furniture to make the most out of space. 

2. Doing the work


Organize with intent

The groundwork for moving goes in a similar fashion to planning. Conscious organization is key. When packing boxes, remember to use simple but effective labels so you won’t be lost when unpacking. 

Rent a storage unit

Renting a space to keep important items will probably work out in your best interest. There are lots of options available, but we’d recommend Crate it Storage here for many reasons. 

As needed, be sure to inform your storage company of the labels for the boxes. Also, don’t hesitate to force yourself to donate or — as appropriate — throw away what you don’t need.

Get rid of some furniture

Similarly, feel free to rid yourself of too large or unnecessary furniture taking up space. Yes, that lounge chair is the most gorgeous thing on the floor, but if you don’t allow your employees to take naps on it — and you probably should — then consider getting rid of it.

Go vertical or go home

Before we talk about telecommuting, let’s discuss even more space maximization which you can achieve by using vertical furniture instead of traditional horizontal pieces. We’re talking desk-top shelves and otherwise spending practices.

Employ interior design expertise

If you don’t spend money on any other expertise… well, who can blame you? HGTV has made an interior designer of us all. But for real, employing a professional can make a huge difference. 

Meanwhile, we advise the use of light-colored paint and large mirrors to give your office the illusion of spaciousness. Sometimes, the illusion is as good as reality, so just enjoy the magic. 

3. Boosting productivity 


Consider remote work 

You won’t miss your large conference room if you make use of telecommuting with your employees. Consider the use of virtual conference meetings, or, you can even rent a hotel conference room if meetings are irregular. 

In 2019, there’s an endless range of options for meetings online. Plus, more organizations than ever are granting flexibility through remote work and guess what — at least one study showed that workers were more productive. 

Enjoy a physical connection

Of course, this all has to do with how well you carry out such a plan. In the meantime, feel free to encourage your staff to embrace the physical closeness they are now succumbed to.

They’ll bounce into each other more often, and this will lead to a greater sense of community and increased creativity as good vibes and shared focus is exchanged.

Don’t forget work-life balance

Always keep in mind that employees exist outside of work just like you do. A happy wife makes a happy life, right? Well, a fulfilled employee makes, well, an engaged and productive one.

One disclaimer though: Nothing can be guaranteed to fix your human resource problems except modern behavioral experts. 

However, we hope that the above can help conquer your business’ downsizing battle with ease and perhaps leave you better off than when you had that big fancy office.