When my mother-in-law passed away, the job of getting a home she’d lived in for 31 years ready for sale was not going to be easy. We started out by doing a superficial clean and tidy to make it presentable for listing. While for sale, we thought we’d have months to work on slowly clearing things out. We certainly weren’t at all prepared when the home sold in less than two weeks, with a possession date of only two weeks later. To complicate matters we were leaving town in less time than that, so didn’t hesitate to call the number on the business card that a realtor gave us. Calling Terry was the best answer to a prayer we could find! She enlisted her team and got them on board in a very short time. They sorted, packaged, hauled away, and cleaned everything! The house was empty and ready for possession by the new owners in a matter of days! Everything of value was accounted for and auctioned – they did it all! The best part – it all came in well under the quote Terry had provided. We have recommended Terry’s team of experts to anyone we’ve met who is faced with similar circumstances. A load off our minds for sure! High Recommendations!