Packing Services

Packing Services

Relocate Stress Free Inc. will provide you with professional packers for all your packing needs.


Relocate Stress Free Inc. will provide you with Professional Packers to pack up as much or as little as required.  Including wrapping paintings, furniture & any pieces that need protecting during your move.  


On moving day, having all of those boxes to unpack at once can be overwhelming.  We have a team of organizers that can help with the unpacking on moving day and set up your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms or as much as required.

Packing Supplies

All packing supplies are available, including tape, packing paper, boxes, bubble wrap & moving blankets.  A list of costs are available upon request.

Packing Material Removal

Relocate Stress Free Inc. will remove any unused packing material on the day of the move or recycle any used packing material after you have finished unpacking.   Boxes need to flattened and excess packing paper bagged.