Decluttering and Disposal


For all those items that you don’t want to move… we have decluttering and disposal solutions available. Whether it is a lot or a little we have the right storage and dispersal solution for you. We have different type of services in this category like decluttering, dispersal, storage solutions and crafting & shipping services to choose from.

decluttering and disposal


We have organizers that can help you with the task of packing up, loading and removing all items that you want to sell, give away, recycle or throw away.


Relocate Stress Free Inc. will take your unwanted items to auction, charities of your choice, drop off recycling and take remaining items to the landfill.

Decluttering & Disposal

Storage Solutions

Sometimes you just need to remove items from the home but don’t want to get rid of them.  We have a solution for all of your storage needs.  Whether you need climate controlled or just need a few things stored.  Relocate Stress Free Inc. has the answer.

decluttering and disposal

Crating & Shipping

When items need to be sent to a family member or donated out of the city or country, Relocate Stress Free Inc. can arrange for safe crating and shipping.  We have shipped items all over the world.