sorting and dispersal

Sorting and Dispersal

Sorting and Dispersal of items can be a very large task for busy families. Relocate Stress Free Inc. provides the following services to you:

Sorting & Organizing

When it comes to the tedious and time consuming task of sorting through and organizing all of the personal contents of a residence, we have the process down to a science through our systematic dispersal process. Our simple and easy process makes your sorting and dispersal task very easy and less time consuming.

Appraisals & Sale of Contents

When dealing with items of value, professional objective appraisals are prepared to ensure maximum dollar is received and appropriate venue is secured for sale of items. Appraisals are ordered and prepared where required.

Environmental Disposal

Items that are remaining are distributed to appropriate charities, recycling depots and final disposal to landfill. We have environmental disposal solution for all your damaged, broken, unnecessary and scrap items. Through environmental disposal we make sure that none of your scrap items cause environmental pollution and goes to the right place for re-cycle or re-use.

“We try our best to find a home for all items with the least amount of cost to the estate or client.”