When you own or run a business there is a long list of items you may need to put in storage at one time or another. Relocate Stress Free delivers simple solutions for busy business owners just like you! Here are some of the items we can house at our secure facility. 


Here in Canada small business owners are required to hold onto their paperwork for a minimum of 6 years. 6 years may not sound like a long time, however, when you have multiple files and boxes it can become a lot to move around. Whether you move offices or just have to rearrange your stacks of bankers’ bosses as your business grows, they can become inconvenient in a hurry. Document boxes can be stored with Relocate Stress Free for $1.50/box/month making our facility a viable solution for any sized business. 

Extra Electronic Equipment 

So, is it time to downsize your office or upgrade your electronic equipment? When doing so it never hurts to keep a spare computer, photocopier, printer, and more in case an emergency strikes with your new equipment. Relocate Stress Free can accommodate secure, and safe storage for your electronics with convenient pickup and delivery service in Calgary and the surrounding area. 


Can’t decide whether to sell, donate or keep your outdated or extra furniture? We can accommodate that too! Bookshelves, desks, office chairs, and more are all items we can store at our Calgary facility. An additional tip: When you’re storing a large furniture item, maximize the space in drawers, on shelves, etc. Consider storing more than just your large items to maximize your space.

Extra Stock

If you are a retailer with a large amount of extra stock, you may find yourself in a situation where you need some extra storage space. We’ve got crates, wardrobe boxes, and various-sized cube boxes available to accommodate your stock of items. Relocate Stress Free strives to make storage solutions affordable for businesses of all sizes. 

Store Seasonal Items

If you own a business there’s is a good chance you have more than one box of seasonal décor in storage somewhere. These items can add clutter where it is not needed and are perfect items to place in a storage facility. We’ve got expert staff to assist you with packing, moving, and storing your items. 

Ready to clear up some space in your office? Contact Relocate Stress Free to get started or conveniently register online. 

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash