When you run a storage company, you see it all. There are a wide variety of items that are fragile and potentially dangerous that need some extra care to pack away. If you plan to store any of the following items be sure to take care to protect your precious cargo. 

1. Knife Block

If your knives are in a block to keep them safe and sharp, pack them in the block. Secure the knives in place with tape, then wrap the entire block in bubble wrap and secure. Place the whole wrapped package into your packing box.

2. Sharp Utensils

Loose knives and other sharp utensils present a danger to anyone moving the boxes. Keep these items wrapped in a towel, bubble wrap, or other packing supplies and label so you avoid cutting yourself when unpacking or moving the box.

3. Razor Blades

Keep your bathroom supplies together in one box or bag. Most times these items stay with you, however, if you do need to pack extras, wrap razor blades or razors in cardboard and bubble wrap to avoid cutting yourself.

4. Cacti

These precious plants need to be packed securely and carefully. Use gloves to wrap the cactus in multiple layers of newspaper followed up by a layer of bubble wrap. Place the cactus in the box and fill it with packing peanuts. Don’t forget to label!

5. Glassware

Use cardboard dividers to pack your glassware carefully. Use paper and bubble wrap to wrap each individual glass, and be especially cautious with stemware. Mark your boxes as fragile and add packing peanuts or other materials to fill the box in and avoid shifting.

6. Dishes

Wrap each dish in bubble wrap or paper and label it fragile. Fill the remaining space with packing peanuts to avoid shifting during transport and storage.

7. Vases

Wrap vases in newspaper and bubble wrap before placing them in a moving box. Always use a fragile label. Specialty boxes for unique items like vases are available if you need them.

8. Mirrors

A cracked mirror can cause a lot of issues beyond bad luck when you’re moving. Use duct tape to make an X over the glass. This will protect the mirror from shifting during the move and will also keep the glass together should it crack. Use foam board, bubble wrap, or another fabric to provide a cushion. Cover any sides and store them in a vertical box so nothing is accidentally placed on top. 

Packing with care will take a load off your mind at an already busy time. Got too much stuff? Contact us today to learn more about our storage solutions.