Having your own office space sounds and is great, however, keeping it organized is not. It can be really easy for office clutter to get out of hand and create an unproductive workspace. These five tips are simple ways to keep your office neat and tidy.

1. Get Rid of the Paper

Paper piles up in a quick hurry in an office setting. Make it part of your routine to go through every piece of paper once a week at a minimum. Add papers to piles to be shredded/tossed, filed, or other. The papers in the other pile should contain action items or things that need to be done. Create yourself one to-do list from these papers and dispose of anything you will no longer need. 

2. Colour-Code

Colour coding your filing system is a great way to get your office organized and keep it that way. If you have multiple clients, you can use a different colour for each client or you can always organize by services you offer as well. Having a system in place will make it easier to stay organized during your day-to-day activities. Consider adding coloured files for bills to be paid and those that are due to be sent as well to help stay on top of your income and expenses. 

3. Create A Mail Station

As your business grows, you’re going to receive a ton of mail and it can be a huge contributor to the clutter in your office. Create a designated spot for mail and commit to going through the pile at least a few times per week. When doing so, recycle or dispose of anything that is not relevant and files other items into your colour-coded system. Be sure you also have an outgoing mail station to avoid forgetting or losing things you need to send out in a timely manner. 

4. Store your Office Supplies

Pens, staplers, post-it notes, and more all take up a ton of space on your desk. Dedicate a drawer in your office to these kinds of supply items. Keep them organized in small bins by the type of item it is, or even better use the provided storage, should your drawer already have some organizers. If you’re short on space in your desk drawer, keeping your items in a small bin or basket on the bookshelf or another location in your office is another great option. 

5. Use Wall Space

Many people often overlook the amount of space they have in their office because they don’t utilize wall space. Having a filing system on the wall is a great space-saving option as is having some shelving with baskets. To keep on top of items that need your immediate attention consider adding a corkboard to your office where you can tack items to keep them at the forefront of your mind. 

Ready to clear some of your office clutter? Enquire today about storage for your previous years’ paperwork or other office supplies and make 2022 your year to clear the clutter in Calgary and nearby areas!