Whether you have just moved, are moving soon, or have been in the same house for 20 years, we all share the same desire to want a home that we can love. But sometimes, even with the best intentions, we can create or allow our space to become a home that appears old and outdated. More often than not, we don’t even realize what makes it seem so outdated because we learn to adapt to our surroundings as humans. So here are 10 things that could be making your home feel outdated.

Carpet Galore

There was a time when a house covered in carpet was a luxurious must-have. Times have changed, though, and hardwood is a much more modern option. Carpet does have its benefits with comfort underfoot and absorbing sound, which remains beneficial in bedrooms and some basements. But it would be advised to consider updating your main floor to hardwood for a more modern feel and a much more hygienic option. Hygienic consciousness is a big thing to consider when you are talking about flooring. Remember that even if you choose to keep the carpet in some areas of your home, it may be best to replace it with a new carpet if it has been heavily used.

Linoleum Floors

Linoleum floors were once a go-to flooring material since it was a cheaper long-lasting material. Unfortunately, linoleum floors dent easily and discolour with time. If you still have linoleum flooring, it may be time to upgrade. If you choose to update the floor with laminate flooring, it can be placed right over the existing linoleum floor and is a budget-friendly upgrade. You can also upgrade with vinyl plank or solid hardwood flooring. In the bathroom, you can use vinyl plank flooring as it is waterproof, or you can go with a slate or slate-like ceramic tile that will match virtually any colour palette that you choose.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops were once popular for their wipe-clean convenience, durability and low price point. For houses built in the 50s and 60s, laminate countertops were definitely the go-to; Generally, Formica countertops were the most popular during this time. Laminate countertops are still used as they continue to be one of the most affordable options. However, laminate that’s chipped, warped and discoloured will age your kitchen exponentially. A polished look will go a long way in the kitchen, so if you do have laminate countertops in your home, considering upgrading to a natural or engineered stone countertop like marble, granite, or quartz and give your kitchen a much-needed cosmetic lift. Quartz is low maintenance and more affordable if you want a marble look without the cost.

Tile Countertops

Tile has been a popular choice for aesthetics on the floor, walls, and countertops over different periods of the last century. However, once popular in the 1970s, tile countertops are now very outdated and a giveaway that your home needs an update. This type of countertop is visually unpleasing, and it’s also challenging to clean correctly.

Out of Style Fixtures and Hardware

Out-of-style fixtures and hardware is a detail that often gets missed in our own homes, so don’t feel bad if it’s something you missed. According to most designers, nearly every finish is in style right now, from chrome, brushed nickel, and brass to oil-rubbed bronze. However, this doesn’t mean that your shiny brass faucets from the 1990s are still in style, newer gold-toned hardware is on its way back into style, but they are more muted in tone. Getting a contemporary look is all about the design and lines of the fixtures, feature rounded or geometrically inspired silhouettes instead of the clunky shapes of 30 years ago. The most important key with fixtures and hardware is to bring consistency. You need to choose a unified finish and match all large fixtures for a less mix and match look.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings once provided ceilings with a textured look that created a challenge for anyone trying to clean them. Popcorn ceilings have decreased in popularity over the years. Many homes still have them, since removing these ceilings, which can contain asbestos, can be expensive, messy and potentially dangerous to your health.

Wood Wall Paneling

Wood wall panelling was popular for many decades, nearly impossible to avoid in any neighbourhood. While most people have phased out the wood panelling for a more modern, brightly painted drywall, many homes haven’t been remodelled in decades and are sporting it. If your home still has this wood wall feature, it is time to change it up! Making this change will update your space, making it more modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Floral Accents

Now don’t take this out of context. Having some floral accents within the home will most likely never go out of style. I am only referring to rooms with one big floral accent, like the rooms that feel like a nightmare that has sent you back to an 80s living room with floral couches and floral window coverings, heavily accented by floral wallpaper. Mix and match floral accents with solid colours to avoid the 80s flashback.

Once Trendy Paint Colors

The colour of your wall makes a bold statement about your house as a whole. Updating your paint colour is a quick and inexpensive way to create a more modern appeal to your home. If you’re in the market to sell, all-white walls or a subtle light gray tone wall with the right accent decor can be an excellent option to allow potential buyers a clean slate to imagine their decor style.

Stenciling and Sponging

In the 1990s-early 2000s, adding texture to walls by hand with either stencil or sponges was popular. It was a time-consuming and tedious task, but it was all the rage for a few years. However, if you still have sponged walls or stencilled paintings on your wall, it is time to grab some paint and cover that up.

We all have our personal favourites when it comes to colours, styles and decor. If you prefer your home’s aesthetics because it feels historic or vintage, and that’s what you like, then, by all means, keep it just the way it is! Hopefully, though, if you’re looking for ideas on how to update your home to increase resale value or if you want to spice up your space a bit, you now have a good idea of what might be making your home look and feel outdated.