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In 2020, Canadian home sales rose by 7.2% from November to December, cementing the yearly increase in sales for the year.

The number of new listings naturally increased. And for the year, more than 550,000 homes were sold, over 12.6% that of the previous year. 

People are selling — and winning — with home sales in the nation. Even the average house price has gone up by 17% at $607,000.

Will you be jumping on the bandwagon?

To get in on this profitable real estate trend, it’s going to take preparation. When considering a home sale, you might feel overwhelmed. 

It’s a daunting task to get everything in order. But it doesn’t have to be. In just about a month — and with a little help from us — you can feel at ease knowing you’ve set yourself up for a successful home sale.

First, Declutter Your Home 

Will your potential buyers go for a clean home or a dirty home? This is a no-brainer. Declutter your home and get that out of the way before anyone shows up to have a peek inside. 

Let There Be Light 

Now that your home is clean, make sure there’s a spotlight on it. This is especially crucial for photos you’ll be using to market your home online. Brighter homes with tons of lighting appear more spacious and inviting. 

Fix All the Things 

Do your due diligence and make sure your home is inspected prior to putting it on the market. Then fix what needs to be fixed. 

Even though it’s a one-time process for you, it’s a brand new start for your buyers’ life, so make it a positive experience for them and don’t leave any tasteless surprises.

Revamp Your Curb Appeal 

Just as the inside matters, so does the outside of your home. First impressions are key. So be sure your exterior is as welcoming as the interior. 

You can enhance your curb appeal by placing flower pots outside, hiring a landscaper to clean your lawn, repainting peeling walls, and clearing your walkway. A colourful wreath can also give more life to your entrance. 

Have Focal Points 

Homebuyers are going to remember special areas of the home that catch their attention. So create those and draw them out using bright colours or accents.

For example, you can add bright green throw pillows on your window seat, or place a bowl of fruit on your luxurious island. 

Go Natural 

To get the effect of focal points, you’re going to want to keep your colours as neutral as possible. Neutral does not mean boring. Quite the opposite. 

Softer colours are trending now — and for good reason. They help with the minimalist appeal which enhances how large a home appears. Plus, they relax your buyers. 

Get Rid of Smells 

Your house should not be a stinkfest when potential buyers arrive. That’s a given. However, you should further consider less noticeable (at least to you) scents that may be lingering around. 

Once you’ve taken care of the bad smells, what about the good ones? While it’s not necessary, you could put cookies out to have a “homey” baking smell around. This will create a connection with your kitchen.

Mind Your Pet 

Not everyone is a pet lover like you are. In fact, some people are against it. So make sure you hide or place your pet’s things in less conspicuous locations around your home. 

Toys, beds, food bowls and the like should not be in the way when walking, nor should they be in the buyer’s direct line of eyesight.

Rent a Storage Unit 

Since a minimalist approach is an ideal technique for home sales, you might need to store some furniture, artwork, or other large items. 

Renting out a storage unit will keep your items safe while you grant buyer’s more space to move around.

Get a Professional Clean 

Don’t want to do the necessary cleaning yourself? Then consider hiring a cleaning company who will do the job right and increase your chances of getting that sale.

Remove Personal Decor 

Remember, buyers walk into the house imagining themselves there in the future. It’s best to take down family photos or kids’ artwork before they stop by. This might not be easy for you, but it’s kind of a must-do if you want to get a sale.

Place Plants Inside 

Bringing nature into your home is an easy way to increase positivity in your space. This applies when you’re ready to sell as well. It can be a vase filled with flowers, or a simple house plant. 

You can bring in one of your plants from outside and use it temporarily for your viewings as well. Ensure that the plants are thriving and have no bugs on them. 


Doing a faux renovation can do wonders for your buyers’ experience while viewing. Maybe your faucet or hinges need some changing. How about upgrading those curtains? 

Small renovations can make all the difference. 


Your home sale preparation doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, it can boost morale as you anticipate moving to your own new abode. 
Downsizing? Read our previous blog post on the three crucial steps you need to take for a successful downsize. There, we also talk about getting the most out of your sale. And don’t forget to reach out to us when you’re ready to make your move to your new home.