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Moving in the summer has its good and bad, but the heat is what mainly stands out. There are also factors such as cost and scheduling. If you’re moving in the summer, make sure to be prepared with these tips. 

Like in many countries, in Canada, the number of moves increases drastically during the summer months. The peak time to move is in July. If you’re among those moving soon, here’s what you need to know. 

1. Secure your Desired Day to Move Early On

Summer moves are popular, so be sure to call and schedule your move with a trustworthy company way ahead of the actual day you plan to relocate. Also, speak to your landlord to make sure you don’t lose out with your lease. 

By staying ahead of things, you not only secure your spot, but you may also end up paying less since moving prices tend to increase during the summer due to high demand. 

2. Keep Cold Water around to Stay Hydrated

Be sure to put some liquids into the fridge so that, on the day of moving, you won’t find yourself getting dehydrated. Even if you’re not the only doing the heavy lifting, even a few minutes under the sun could leave you thirsty. 

Drinks should be kept nearby even if the weather is not that sunny. In general, moving is a physical task and everyone will want to stay hydrated throughout. Hold some bottles in a cooler if necessary. 

3. Make Sure you’re Dressed Appropriately 

Summer weather calls for loose-fitting, breathable clothing. You want to go with light colors and choose what’s comfortable over what looks good. Linen and cotton are great options for moving. 

Ideally, you may want to wear clothing that you won’t mind will rip or stain. To top it off, you can stay cool with a hat, don a pair of sunglasses, and, of course, don’t forget the sunscreen! 

4. Start the Move Early in the Day 

The sun’s UV rays are strongest between 11 am and 3 pm in Canada, so it works in your favor to start the move as early as possible. While you won’t be measuring temperatures (or maybe you will), you’ll certainly feel the effects of an extremely hot sun. 

After starting early, you can schedule a break when the sun’s heat peaks around noon. This will avoid falling prey to heat exhaustion. An early start also puts you in front of potential traffic.

5. Cool Down and Set Up your New Home

Before moving, it’s wise to take steps in your new home to avoid an unwelcome heat bath. You may open the doors and windows, turn on fans, or switch the AC in a room to go sit in after moving. 

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure all your utilities have been turned on in your new spot. You may also consider keeping your car’s AC on for much-needed breaks throughout. 

6. Keep Essential Items at Hand

If you don’t like to keep your AC on in the car, considering carrying a portable fan to chill yourself during the move. Alternatively, you could keep a wet towel on your neck 

You’ll also want to hold onto any medication, a toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, and sanitizers in case of any delays with the moving truck or otherwise. We do our best at Relocate Stress Free to bring you the most reliable, on-time service. 

7. Look out for the Children and Animals

While your kids and pets may be delighted to play outside under the summer sun, it’s best to keep them in the home while items are being packed. Inside, they’ll be away from the heat and less prone to wandering off. 

Furthermore, be wary of whether or not you’re moving to a new school district and get your child enrolled as soon as possible. Learn about community projects and activities they might want to take part in. 

Final Thoughts

Summer moves might be the most convenient, but they also have the potential for the most discomfort. Remember to stay hydrated, plan ahead, and most of all, enjoy the summer skies as you make your fresh start.