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Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are stuck at home — and many of us haven’t quite attained that lovely, spacious house we’ve been desiring for most of our lives.

That means most of our time is being spent in cramped quarters. After a while, a small space can wear on one’s mind. Luckily, there are ways to make a little home feel bigger.

Light or monochromatic paint colors. Dark colors are less reflective and tend to make space feel smaller. In contrast, whites, grays, yellows, and creams have the ability to bounce light off and make a room feel more open.

Mirrors. Similarly, mirrors give the illusion of a larger room by reflecting other spaces and giving a sense of movement. Tall mirrors or those placed opposite a window do a great job achieving this, so take them everywhere you go.

Natural lighting. Natural light gives your home a warm, cozy feel while at the same time creating a wide-open atmosphere. It’s most effective when there are no large pieces of furniture blocking the way. Plus, it’s free!

Floor-to-ceiling shelves. At first, floor-to-ceiling shelving might seem like something that would clutter a room. However, large bookcases and other shelving actually make your ceiling look taller — and can help clear up your floors.

Low furniture. In contrast to high shelves, you want to get furniture that is low. This creates more space above and tricks us into feeling airier. So go for short legs, ottomans, and keep the center area of rooms clear.

Raised Legs. Alternatively, if you want a modern, minimalist look but still want a large space, then look for furniture on raised legs. Swap out that bulky leather couch for a mid-century style sofa that’s sleek and still comfortable.

Large pieces of wall art. While you might be inclined to share the beauty of several paintings you love, it would be better to hang a single large one on a wall. Put it at eye level and leave lots of space above. This gives the illusion that a room is taller.

Multi-functional furniture. Smart furniture or multi-functional pieces are useful to declutter and to keep you from needing too much storage. Tables and seats with hidden storage as well as over-the-door techniques will do the job here.

Organizational techniques. Arrangements can be crucial to expanding your space. Keep furniture away from walls, face chairs towards windows, place furniture diagonally, and use light sources throughout a room to expand it.

Clutter-free. Decluttering your home is the simplest way to give it more space. What you want to keep should be stored; Throw out broken or unused items or donate them if you’re able to at this time. You’ll instantly feel lighter and like you’re in a bigger home.

As stay-at-home orders are extended, it can feel like our four walls are closing in on us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our safe haven should be safe in all ways, and that includes mentally.

If you’re moving during quarantine, you’re one of the lucky ones to get a fresh environment. Just be sure to use a safety-focused company to get the job done.

So make sure your house feels just how you want it to by using the tips above. If you can think of more ways to make your home feel bigger, be sure to leave a comment below.