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Like most industries, the housing market is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the start of this year saw a 27 percent increase in home sales compared to last year. 

If you’re among those who are preparing to move amid COVID-19, be sure that there are lots of precautions to take as you start a new life in your dream home. 

To be sure, moving companies (like Relocate Stress Free), are considered essential services. So there’s no need to worry about the moving process. Here are some tips to ensure your safety. 

Go Electronic with Paperwork 

As much as you can, you’re going to want to avoid touching others and any items that don’t originate in your home during the pandemic. Ask your moving company if there’s a digital option for paperwork and money transactions.

Make Use of Quarantine and Self-Distancing

If you’re someone who’s working from home because of the pandemic, chances are you have more time on your hands to clean out your home properly to get the best moving experience.

You’re probably not doing social gatherings either. So use this extra time to properly sort your belongings, getting rid of items you don’t need and organizing those you do. This will give you the freshest start in your new home. 

Have Ample Hygiene Products Nearby 

In case your movers are short, make sure you’re well stocked up on things like sanitizers, soap, and paper towels to aid them. As the moves go in and out of your home, encourage them to sanitize regularly.

Let the Movers Know If Coronavirus Has Reached Your Family

Go with full transparency to make sure everyone around you is safe. If you or your family are exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus, let them know as soon as possible. 

Chances are, the company will still do the move with renewed protocols to keep workers safe. If you’re in isolation, tell them this as well so the appropriate actions can be taken. 

Don’t Let Medically Compromised Persons Help 

Remember that older persons or those with underlying conditions are at higher risk of mortality than others. As such, you should probably not ask them to be involved in the moving process. 

This isn’t insensible, rather, it’s showing compassion for those dear to you even if they might want to take part. Surely, you’ll want everyone around to enjoy your new home. 

Practice Social Distancing

If social distancing makes you look paranoid among others, you’re probably doing it right. At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with taking safety measures that could benefit both you and others. 

Wear gloves and face masks

Moving has never been about how we look entering our new home, but we can all agree that wearing a face mask and gloves is never fashionable. Do it anyway to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

Sanitize Your Items

Once the moving company has done their job, you may want to go the extra mile and sanitize all your belongings. You might choose to do this outside your home before you bring the items in. 

Use New Moving Boxes

If you’re doing things yourself, avoid using free or recycled moving boxes. Some reports claim that the coronavirus lives on cardboard for 24 hours, so avoid taking the risk. 

You may use boxes that are already in your home. The other option is to purchase new ones in a store. If possible, opt for self-checkouts to increase your safety. 

Stay in Contact with Your Movers

It could be that you have to cancel your move because of the coronavirus. If this is the case, let the moving company know sooner rather than later. 

Even if it’s just a possibility, you might want to reach out and find out what the procedures are for canceling a move. Stay in control despite the circumstances. 

Wrapping It Up

We’re doing our best to stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and we encourage you to do so as well. If there are new developments with the business as time goes by, we’ll let you know via social media.