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Figuring out when it’s time to change your daily environment is not always obvious. Maybe you’re over your neighbors, your kids have moved out, or you just want a change of pace from the slow country life to the fast city — or vice versa. 

If you’re struggling to make a decision to move, here are some factors that could help you make a confident choice. 

It’s a little cramped at home

Perhaps you need a spare room for visitors or a relative who’s moving in. Or maybe you just welcomed a new addition to your nest. It could also be that your stuff has taken over your floors due to a lack of space. 

If any of the above is happening, then yes, you should probably get a bigger place. 

You’re moving on up 

Another common reason for an upgrade could just be due to preference. Renovations are nice and all, but they typically go way beyond what you expected and are sometimes more trouble than they’re worth. 

Plus, it’s just not always possible to implement the upgrades you desire on a home that’s already limited in so many ways. If that’s the case, don’t hold yourself back from living your best life and moving to a nicer spot. 

You hear echoes when you speak 

Of course, it might be the exact opposite of the above two. It’s definitely possible to have too much space in a home — especially if it doesn’t suit your character. 

Additionally, you may have just become an empty nester. It may be time to let go of your home despite the memories, and move on to a more cozy — and easier to clean — downsized home. 

You can’t trust anyone 

Ok, maybe you can still trust some neighbors, but perhaps your location isn’t the safest around. This could have been happening for a long time and you’ve only just reacted, or it could be an unfortunate new situation. 

Either way, anything that makes you feel unsafe or disturbs your peace — we’re looking at the disruptive neighbors — is a reason to get out. You deserve better. 

Your job is an issue 

Starting at a new job is a common reason to move, more so if it’s one you worked hard to get. Don’t hold yourself back by staying where you are if you have a new job or want to look for one. 

It could also be that the commute to your current job is simply too much to handle. Avoid that stress (which, by the way, is our job to help you with at Relocate Stress Free) by packing up your bags and finding a job closer to your place of employment. 

Your finances are calling out 

It’s not always easy to support your preferred living situation and social life, especially when you’re living in an expensive neighborhood. Sometimes a good move is all we need to step out on the weekend with friends. 

Your daily weather report is always painful 

It might not seem like a justified reason to change your whole location, but some people can live on the beach, while others love the city. To each their own. 

At the end of the day, a constant damper on your mood is not something you should ignore as it can affect your health and emotional state. If you’re done with the hot or cold, switch it up with a move. 

Your family needs you 

When life gives you lemons… you know the rest. Sometimes, the unexpected occurs and you’re forced to go take care of an aging parent or support your partner by moving. Don’t let it set you back. 

The children might also have a role in this. Perhaps you need to find a better school for whatever reason. Don’t blame yourself for realizing that moving might be best at this point. For the children. 

Your goals are different 

Sometimes, you’ll want to move because you’ve either achieved something you came to do or no longer want to do, you might be better of moving to get that sense of achievement we all want. 

Your gut tells you to 

If you’ve bored with your job, make sure others out there are better. Feeling stuck in general? scout your area for a new hobby, restaurants, park, or other hot spots you may have missed. 

Don’t move just to run away from your problems — that’s something within you need to fix. And if none of that applies, but there’s a loud voice telling you to follow your heart, then do it. 

Before moving

But first, consider your finances and the budget you’ll need to make such a big change. Look at those you’re leaving behind, and think about your family and how it will affect them. 

Most of all, be sure that you and your family are in the right emotional space to take the leap and upheave your current lives. Moving is no joking matter. 

Thankfully, we at Relocate Stress Free will keep a smile on your face throughout the entire moving process. If you’ve finally made the big decision, reach out to us to see how we’ll help.