Property maintenance is one of those tasks that many of us stress over when we are going to be away for an extended period of time. There are a wealth of benefits to having a professional handle your property maintenance that many people don’t consider. Take a look at this comprehensive list below.

Inspections & Security

Many insurance companies require that someone visits your residence while you are away at specific increments. If you’re like most, you avoid asking family or friends to check on things when you can so what does that mean for your insurance? Having regularly documented visits to your home while you’re away or your empty rental/vacation property, ensures that should there be any leaks or issues, they are caught sooner rather than later. With these documented visits, you shouldn’t have any issues with your insurance company should your home experience any issues in your absence. Having someone come in and cut your grass and remove your snow in the winter, ensures that you don’t come home to a fine from your city or a complete disaster to clean up, too.

Unfortunately, crime is on the rise in nearly every city in the country. Calgary is no exception. While you’re away, having someone check in on your property at regular intervals gives you peace of mind. No one wants to come home to a home that has been trashed, or robbed. With someone checking in on your home, it lets intruders know that someone is keeping watch and ensures that any issues that arise are handled are reported to local authorities sooner.


All cities have regulations in place to keep residents safe and comfortable. Among those regulations are snow removal and yard maintenance requirements. Most cities state that snow needs to be removed from the public sidewalks within a 24 hour period of the snowfall. This can pose a tricky situation if you’re away for a long period of time, or have a vacant rental or vacation property. Not following the bylaws can result in fines from your city and complaints from your neighbours-something no one wants to deal with. There are also certain rules when it comes to yard maintenance. Grass needs to be cut neatly, and yards cannot become full of garbage or other junk. Not only is an unmaintained yard an eyesore, but it’s also a safety concern. To keep yourself from any issues with the city or your neighbours, find someone to handle these tasks for you for as long as you need. A reliable property maintenance company will visit your home each time the snow flies to remove any snow and ice, and they will visit your home at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure your yard is clean and tidy with cut grass.


If you’re a Snowbird and spend your winter’s in the sunny south, or have a vacant home in the city, winter can be a particularly concerning time of the year. It’s important during the cold months to have someone checking on your property to ensure your pipe’s don’t freeze! Relocate Stress Free offers winterization including water shut off, draining of pipes, and emptying of water tanks just to name a few. If you’ve got a furnace running, or a fireplace in the home it’s always a good idea to have someone check on them as well and may be required for insurance purposes.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy property maintenance company, Relocate Stress Free is happy to assist in the Calgary area. Contact us today to learn more!