Hiring a moving company is a big decision. You’re trusting your valuables, decor, furniture and more to a group of people you’ve just met. These items are both valuable and invaluable and you never want to risk losing or damaging anything in a move.

Here are five things to consider when determining who to hire.

Take Inventory

When a moving company comes to assess your home they will take an inventory of your belongings. They will count boxes, note fragile items, count furniture, etc. In order to give a proper quote, this needs to be done in person. An experienced moving company will be able to calculate the size of truck needed to complete your move while keeping your items safe.

No Large Deposits Required

Any reputable moving company will not require you to drop a large deposit out of pocket before your move. You’ll need to be prepared to pay upon arrival and unloading at your new home.

Avoid Name Switchers

When some businesses get bad reviews on places like the Better Business Bureau, social media, etc. they switch names. One slight name change during the course of the business may just mean a change of ownership or something minor so don’t stress about that. Watch for businesses with a habit of changing names regularly!

Check For References

Before even asking for an estimate ask your friends and family for recommendations. Chances are you know someone that has used a mover. Reputable companies will have reviews on their website and social media too.

Contracts with Missing Information

You should never sign any legally binding document if there is information missing. Get your quote in writing, and make sure to only sign a contract that includes the price, date and time of the move, proper addresses, notes about extra fees, etc. If the company is encouraging you to sign something incomplete, turn the other way. Signing an incomplete contract opens you to the risk of issues, additional costs, and more. 

Hiring a moving company is much the same as hiring other professionals. Trust your gut instinct and remember, the cheapest quote almost never gives you the best service.

Quality over quantity always.