Losing a loved one can be an emotionally charged period. Sorting through the belongings of a deceased friend or family makes the mourning time much more difficult. The process may last longer than anticipated, disagreements may arise on what should be discarded, kept or donated.

Luckily, there are a number of things that can be done to get over the decluttering process with ease. Relocate Stress Free can assist you and your family with the process.

Accept the situation and push feelings aside

Bear in mind that grieving is natural and different emotions may arise from it. Different emotions may come when about to decide what to do with the loved one’s properties hence ruining the whole plan. Therefore, accepting the situation and executing the decluttering plans when one is in their best state always makes things much easier.   For most people, it’s pretty much easier to execute a task early in the morning than later on in the evening.

Decide whether to include others or work alone

When not in the mood of talking to anyone, it’s best to work alone. However, there will be moments when including others in the plan will be necessary, not because there are decisions to be made, but simply because it is helpful.  Relocate Stress Free can help with the decision and ease the process.

Create simple rules to work on

Working on a plan will help minimize disagreements and fasten the process. Basic rules to be used should be created. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Items that cannot be decided on should be temporarily stored in the maybe pile for later decision making.
  • Tarnished items such as those with molds be discarded immediately.
  • Unwanted items that are still in good condition be donated to charity.
  • Valuable items be put on auctions, sold or given to certain family members.

Take breaks regularlyDecluttering estates

There are certain days when one is emotional, these are the days to take some time off the decluttering process. As for days when there are no emotions to ruin the process, regular breaks should be taken in the course of the day to avoid exhaustion or being overwhelmed too fast.

Don’t expect everything to be complete in a single go

Decision on what to do with certain items doesn’t have to be made at once. Neither will everything be gotten rid of at once. The decluttering process takes time. The more appropriate time it is given, the better the decisions will be.

For the valuable properties, an appraiser may assist in determining their value and an executor decide on how to distribute the properties to family members if a will was left behind.