Garage is often an ultimate choice for all additional stuffs present in a home, hence spending some time and effort in decluttering it is worth investment. Hiring the decluttering services of Relocate Stress Free to assist in the whole process of decluttering the garage is not different from other types of home maintenance services which require professionals.

Most of the clutters are usually things that are no longer needed, hence can be sold through auctions to earn homeowners some extra cash. Here’s a simple guide to use when decluttering the garage.

Decluttering the garageCreate a vision for the garage

When decluttering the garage focusing on the stuff should be abandoned and instead create a vision of what the garage should be. Things to consider include:

  • Why is the decluttering process needed?
  • What is the space to be used for?
  • What will be the outlook of the garage after decluttering?

Create a list of most important things

Hoarding things in the garage always leads to a sentimental attachment to them. Creating a list of things that will be difficult to let go is necessary in identifying the clutter. After creating a list, items which are most important should be marked. Using two trash bags, fill one with items to be recycled or discarded such as broken toys. The other bag should be filled with items to be donated to charity. If this is done daily for a week, there will be 14 bags of trash and 14 bags of donation items.

Decluttering the garageLabel storage containers

The garage is also commonly used for seasonal storage. Once the trash and items to be donated are removed, common items left include the seasonal items. Storage containers and boxes used to store seasonal items should be labeled clearly. If you have no room to store the seasonal items, locate a storage company (Crate It Storage Inc.) to store the containers.

Utilize the vertical space

Nothing should be stored on the garage floor. Creating vertical storage for items such as gardening tools, bicycles, sporting equipment is a good way of creating more space.

In a span of a week, it is possible to reclaim the space in a garage and make it look less cluttered and more attractive.