Decluttering children’s rooms are a challenge. This is because emotional attachment is involved by someone who isn’t mature enough to understand. In simple words, it is a bit tricky and overwhelming.  When downsizing, decluttering children’s rooms will be mandatory. Otherwise, the new home’s space isn’t going to be sufficient to accommodate everything.

We are decluttering experts at Relocate Stress Free. However, if kids are deeply attached to their rooms, parents should work on a strategy so their kids don’t get infuriated in the process.

Let the kids understand the reason

Instead of telling kids they need to dispose of some toys, parents should discuss the reasons for doing so. For instance, kids may be told that more play space is being created. They could also discuss assisting other kids through charity. This way, they might be more willing to let some the toys go without arousing emotions.

Decluttering Kids RoomsBegin with the non-emotional items

This simply means disposing of the trash first. Items such as, broken toys, old shoes, outgrown clothes should be removed first so the room looks less overwhelming.

Make the decisions together on what stays and what goes

Most kids especially below eight years are difficult to reason with. This is due to their possessiveness tendency and lacking perspective. Parents simply need to help kids find toys they no longer need.

Decluttering Kids Rooms

Get everything organized

Downsizing experts usually like using this approach. Organizing everything in their right place makes it easier to identify expendables. So much progress can be made by organizing. While organizing, like items should be placed together. The sooner everything gets organized, the better. Crate it Storage can assist in facilitating the organization process. If piles are left lying around, kids may get attracted to them and starting afresh will be harder.

Decluttering kids’ rooms can be very stressful. If possible, do this task bit by bit till the job is complete. Once done, regular maintenance is necessary to keep rooms tidy.