Whether downsizing or just moving to a similar size home, moving isn’t just an event, it’s a whole process. It begins right from the time a homeowner decides to make a change until settled in the new home.  Moving seniors however is a little bit different because they usually have so many things gathered through the years, most of which are no longer needed at their age. There’s a higher likelihood of seniors moving to a smaller house. As such, they will most probably do with decluttering services provided by Relocate Stress Free to slash down the number of items before moving to a new house. Here are essential tips when moving seniors:

moving seniorsCreating a plan

Moving seniors involves a lot of decision making processes. Working on a plan makes the entire process much easier.

Start downsizing early

Even if a moving date has not been decided on, starting to downsize is never too early. Focus should be given to the areas which tend to store expendable items. These areas include garage, basement, attic or closets.

Breaking the job into smaller tasks

The task of moving can be really overwhelming when viewed as whole. However, when broken into smaller tasks it becomes easier. A small area like a drawer or cabinet should be chosen and work on it commenced immediately. That way, progress will be made faster towards the goal.

moving seniorsPlanning out the new space

It’s essential for the size of the new home to be known in advance. By measuring the floor space of the new home, it will be easier to calculate the downsize percentage. The same guidance should be used when moving furniture, clothing, books among other things.

Listing what’s important

Seniors have a lot of things to be dealt with, but a larger percentage are best disposed of. Ways of disposing of the expendables include auctions, donation and give away.

Seek assistance

Moving seniors can sometimes be stressful physically, mentally and emotionally. At such a time, conducting the whole movement process isn’t going to be easy considering the large number of things to be dealt with. Taking advantage of the senior moving services of Relocate Stress Free to help in the physical packaging and move is really necessary.

These tips make the senior moving process more manageable and organized.