Decluttering a closet is an overwhelming task when downsizing. Decluttering the closet is really important to reduce amount of items to be carried along.

The mind however exaggerates a little bit on how arduous the decluttering process is. Here’s a simple guide created by Relocate Stress Free on decluttering closets.

Decluttering closetsSet some time aside and prepare boxes

A couple of hours may be needed if the closet isn’t that large. Some time on one evening or a weekend sounds better. A number of boxes to keep the extra clothing is also needed. A half dozen may be needed depending on amount of items to be discarded.

Empty everything into a pile

If there’s enough time, all things in the closet should be removed. Alternatively, a single section at a time may be selected which can be less overwhelming. However, it’ll take several steps as the same will have to be repeated for the other sections as well.

Sort the clothing into three piles

Everyone’s probably familiar with the sorting method of “toss, keep, maybe”. If there’s really hard time making a decision on whether to keep or toss, then they go to the maybes. The maybes will be kept in a box and stored for at most six months, and gotten rid of if they are not worn. Clothing that has not been used for the last six months belong to the toss pile, while those loved and used regularly on the keep pile.

Return keep pile to the closet

If everything’s already sorted out, the keep pile should be put back in the closet after cleaning. This should be done neatly and in an organized manner. Those that don’t belong to that particular space should be taken to their respective spaces.

Deal with the remaining pile immediatelyDecluttering closets

The maybe pile should be kept in a box and labeled with the current date. The box should then be stored for at most six months. The toss pile should then be kept in boxes to donate, give away or sell if possible. The actual trash can be recycled or thrown away.

It’s a pretty simple process to select only things needed, if you require assistance contact Relocate Stress Free.