When the space in a home suddenly becomes low, rooms cluttered, garage and basements no longer accessible, it’s high time a remedy is sort. But the extent of clutter all over can be overwhelming. The decluttering process may seem too difficult to pursue alone, but since space is needed, there has to be a way out.

Seeking decluttering services from Relocate Stress Free is an easier way to go about.  Is finding a storage solution much better or simply declutter everything and dispose of them in appropriate ways?

Most homeowners find it difficult deciding. Here’s a simple guide on whether to find storage or declutter and dispose of the items.

How precious are the items?

Some of the items must have cost a lot of money and disposing of them is going to be a little difficult. In such a case, storage solutions seem better but it should be done with caution since one is most likely to hold on to almost everything which will only fill up the storage space.

Declutter or storageHow often are the items used?

Most of the clutter are often the less used, seasonal items. Seasonal items need not be disposed of unless they are broken or worn out hence no longer used even during the right seasons.  As for the rest of the items no longer needed, decluttering and getting rid of them is the ultimate solution. If some of the items are still in good condition, they can be sold through auctions.

What’s the reason for decluttering?

Decluttering can be done when downsizing or simply need to keep things neat and organized. If moving to a house with less rooms or a flat, there are certain things which will need to be discarded even if still in good condition. For instance a lawn mower is not going to be needed if moving to a flat. As such seeking assistance from downsizing services companies like Relocate Stress Free, they can assist in deciding what’s needed and what should be discarded. On the other hand, if decluttering to acquire more space and keep things neat, then items in good condition but no longer used can be donated to charity, given away or sold if possible.

Declutter or storage

Finding answers to the three questions is a good way of deciding on whether to find storage or declutter the items altogether.