downsizingWhittling a lifetime’s belongings can be emotional and quite difficult. There are certain rooms in a home which are often cluttered such as garage, attic or basement. But it is also possible to have a cluttered living room, bedroom or kitchen. When moving to a smaller house, there is a higher possibility of having virtually every room full with clutter. So before moving out, downsizing is really necessary to avoid having cluttered rooms in the new home.

Here’s a simple guide on how to decluttering a room.

Starting early

Decluttering a room can take much time. So the earlier it starts, the better. Beginning three months prior to moving is much better. A single morning or evening every week is enough to get every room of the house decluttered before the moving date approaches.

Being realistic

No matter how the new space is looked at, paring down the stuffs is going to be necessary. Things that won’t fit in the new room should be done away with. For instance, if moving to a smaller bedroom but have a king size bed, it’s definitely not going to fit. In such a case it may be sold through auctions and a fitting one sought before moving.

downsizingEvaluating the needs and wants

It is possible to have rooms stuffed with lots of things which are only wanted but not needed. In a living room, a couch is needed. In the bedroom, a bed is needed. The extra things should be evaluated using similar approach.

Comparing the size of new room with current room

For instance, the new living room is most likely to be the size of the current bedroom. It’s possible to think that squeezing two sofas in the space will be possible but making the comparison with the current living room can help get a better insight.

Utilizing storage tricks

The vertical space is ideal for storing things. Things that won’t fit but are needed can be replaced. The new kitchen will be smaller, so it’s best having the pots hung up on the wall and fitted with half sized fridge.

Disposing of unwanted items

Most of the things will still be in good condition, so they can be sold through auctions or garage sale to get an extra paycheck. Some can also be given away or donated.

Relocate Stress Free can assist with this approach and how to go about the process if there is difficulty in going through the process alone.