3 Top Tips to Downsizing

3 Top Tips to Downsizing

With a nice approach, it can be pretty simple to achieve. There are 3 Top Tips to Downsizing that can be used to downsize whether moving or just decluttering.

To a greater part, moving can be really stressful, but downsizing is pretty much worse since the property size will be reduced with fewer rooms or space for the belongings. Downsizing is also be necessary when decluttering. This therefore simply means the owner needs to be ruthless and organized. Relocate Stress Free, a downsizing company in Calgary, provides solutions to decluttering, especially when homeowner can’t establish what to be disposed of.

Start by simply moving around the house and creating a list of things that are really needed. Anything outside the list should be treated as expendables. It can be really painful losing some of the most cherished items, so homeowners need to give themselves a three months period to thin out their belongings.

Maintain practicality on what’s needed

When homeowner is looking for things to be disposed, they really need to be practical. For instance, if moving to an apartment, a ladder or lawn mower won’t be needed. If moving to a single bedroom from a three bedroom extra sheets, mattresses, beds and other such items should also be done away with.

3 Top Tips to Downsizing - boxesDonate, dump or sell?

So the expendable items have been identified. A vast majority of items not needed can be sold through auctions or online at eBay. But selling can also be stressful, charities may be pleased to take a good number of items. They will accept bedding, clothes among other items not good enough to give away or sell. As for electronics, charities may not accept them so unless they are sold, other methods to dispose of them will be necessary. If stuck on what to do with most of the items, seeking assistance from Relocate Stress Free for downsizing services is a good choice.

Establishing the available rooms

Once settled on a specific property type, a realistic plan of the floor needs to be drawn so the homeowner can determine what can fit in which room without cluttering the space.

When moving, there’s a higher likelihood that the new space will be crowded with plenty of full boxes. Therefore it won’t be nice to open one of the boxes and find it’s full of items that ought to have been disposed of.