We are sure your recent move has left you exhausted but it is time to get your house to live-in ready. Those stacks of boxes aren’t going anywhere unless you do something about them. Relocate Stress Free recommends these 4 Tips on organizing after a move.

Hang Curtains and Set up Beds

To make your house homier, set up your beds in each bedroom and hang curtains on all your windows. This will eliminate clutter and make the rooms cozy. You will also have a place to relax at the end of the day for a good night sleep.

4 Tips on Organizing after a Move

Unpack Rooms Most Livable to Least Livable

You will feel unorganized after a move, but as soon as you unpack your major necessities it will seem less hectic. So start with the rooms that are most used, such as the kitchen.


Clean every room after it is unpacked. Once you have organized the room it should be cleaned thoroughly. This will help ease your stress as you will have a very clean space.

boxes3Empty Boxes

It can be frustrating having rooms filled with empty boxes so choose an area in your house whether it be a closet or a corner and start a pile of flattened and unpacked boxes. Remove the boxes from your house when you are done to be returned / recycled.


If you did not declutter or donate items during your packing, there is still time to do it now. As you are unpacking if you come across items that you no longer need or just have not used in the past year, it may be time to donate and get rid of these items.

Happy unpacking! If you require any assistance with your unpacking, contact Relocate Stress Free and they will be happy to assist you.