Pets are very aware of their owners’ emotions and what is going on around them. Moving can be a stressful time for people and for your special loved ones. Relocate Stress Free has compiled the following tips to moving your pets to help ease the stress:

Gummi Toys with dog(1)Create a Safe Room

Your pet will definitely be anxious and excited with packing and moving. Move your pets items last. On moving day place you pets in a “safe” room to minimize their stress. The room should not have any boxes or furniture in it, so the movers don’t need to enter the room. In the safe room your pet should have his bed, dishes and toys. Put a sign on the door so the movers are aware not to open the door and letting them out. If you are able to take your pet to a neighbours or friends for the day, that would alleviate your pets stress too.

Move in Day

Again, put your animal in a secure room as soon as possible upon arrival and set up your pets area with bowl, toys and bed. Don’t leave the house for supper on the first day or at least not for a lengthy time, as your pet will be stressed out in his new surroundings. Avoid babying an animal when he is stressed. This will not help alleviate his anxiety, it will only reward it. Keep yourself calm to keep things as normal as possible and will make the transition smoother.

After the Move
After you are settled into your home, remember to spend as much time as possible with your pet as this will relieve stress their stress as well as yours. Go for as many walks as possible, introducing your pet to new friends and neighbours.


We hope these tips will help your move with your pet!