Yes, summer is a good time to move with kids.  At Relocate Stress Free we believe anytime of the year can be a great time to move depending on the client’s circumstances.  However, if you have children at home then summer is the ideal time, especially if they will be moving to a different community or city.  Moving in the summer will enable your children to complete their schooling grade and they would have a chance to say goodbye to their school friends.

school_0If you plan to move directly at the end of the school year, it will not give your child enough time to adapt to the idea of moving and saying goodbye to their friends. Allow a few weeks after school is completed to complete your move.  This will also give your children time to unpack and be better prepared for their new school year and meet some new friends.

pct_school_busRemember what works best for your children will also work best for you.  As part of the settling in make sure you check out the new school with your children and get their transportation arranged.  This will help you and your children make a proper transition.

Most people would agree that summer is the best time to move because the weather will be perfect.  Make sure you contact us at Relocate Stress Free before confirming your move date to ensure we book you in on your date and have all proper arrangements made.