Are your parents ready to move? You parents may have lived in their current home for twenty or thirty or more years but it is now time for them to move to another home. At Relocate Stress Free we understand that when seniors are downsizing, decluttering and moving they will need to have some guidance and assistance. We recommend the following 3 tips to moving parents:


#1 Start Early
Moving your parents is a process that takes time and patience. Downsizing and decluttering needs to be completed in order to move your parents. This will take longer than you think so start early if possible.

#2 One Room at a Time
Another tip is to do one room at a time so you are able to make decisions with your parents. Don’t overwhelm your parents or exhaust them, so do it in 3 or 4 hour sessions with a break. Downsizing and decluttering can be emotionally exhausting for them.

#3 Decide What to Keep
When you are decluttering, decisions need to be made around what to keep and what to give to family. There is also options to sell or donate with the items that are left. It may be hard to help them part with some of their items, but if they are needing to downsize then giving to a charity is an exceptional option. Parents are sure to have accumulated quite a bit of paper over time that is not needed so you will need to separate what needs to be recycled or shredded as well.

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If you know you or your parents need some guidance and assistance in decluttering, downsizing or moving please contact us and we can help ease your stress. At Relocate Stress Free we will ensure your parents move is seamless and will give you all piece of mind.