Is your garage a dumping ground for items? It is easily to accumulate too many items in your garage and now it is time to declutter and organize. Many clients have revealed that organizing a garage may take some time but Relocate Stress Free Inc. stresses it should be a priority on your list to do.  Here are 4 tips on decluttering and organizing your garage.

1. Start with Cleaning
The first thing that needs to be done is taking the opportunity to clean every surface when you are pulling out items and sorting the garage.

2. Have a Plan
You need to have plan on how you want the garage to look when you are completed. Do you want a workshop area or just a storage area? There are many possibilities.

tool org3. Keep Items That Are Used Together to Stay Together
The key to keeping your garage tidy is keeping like objects together. For example, in your tool area hang up the tools on hooks and keep srewdrivers in one area etc. If your garage is going to be used for storage then make sure all boxes are labeled and use a shelving unit/ system to easily arrange.

4. Discard/ Donate Items
When you are decluttering your garage, remember to go through your items that have not been used or are very old. Any sporting items that you have not used in the past couple years can be donated or discarded. Go through your tools and discard any duplicated or old tools. If you have any old paint or paintbrushes discard them appropriately.

Once you have followed the above tips of decluttering and organizing your garage which involved discarding, sorting and donating items, you can now claim the space you had lost. Relocate Stress Free Inc. can help you with decluttering services. Stay tuned for more decluttering tips.