A big decision in your life is deciding to move. Moving is a great opportunity to declutter. You will have weeks or months to declutter your life while you are preparing your move.

Decluttering takes time and energy, so enable yourself with enough time to go through and sort all your items properly. Relocate Stress Free offers decluttering services and offers the following tips on decluttering.

Rule of thumb – if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in a year you don’t need it any more. You have gone through all 4 seasons, both the warm and the cold weather, if you haven’t worn it then you don’t need it. It is time to get rid of the clutter and give the clothing to charity.

Anything You Haven’t Used In a Year
When decluttering your items the same rule follows as with the clothes, if you have not used an item then it should not be packed up for the new house. Some examples are baking trays, kitchen appliances and sporting equipment. Do you have extra chairs you do not use? Do you have a cabinet that is completely empty? It may be time to declutter these large items and give them away. Older items you plan on keeping can easily stored using Crate it Storage.

Expipantryred Items in the Kitchen
Time to pack up the kitchen and it is time to get rid of those expired items, you don’t need to pack food that is not edible. Check your pantry, cupboards and fridge and throw the items away that are past their best before date.

Bathroom Items
As it is with the kitchen, the same applies in the bathroom. Check the used dates and throw away anything that is past its date.

Magazines and Newspapers
When you are decluttering discard any magazines or newspapers that are older than a couple months old. If there is a magazine article you like than scan it or take a picture.


Damaged or Broken Items
Do you have any damaged or broken items that have been sitting there longer than six months? If so, you need to toss them in the garbage. If you really wanted an item fixed then get it fixed right away.

Once you have completed your decluttering, you will be at ease when you are unpacking at your new home. If you require decluttering service, contact Relocate Stress Free.