On the day of the move there are so many things to do. Relocate Stress Free will assist you to make sure you do not forget anything during your move. Additionally, these are some moving tips to help you for before your move and the day of your move.

Before the Day of Your Move
• Label all you boxes properly to help keep organization during the move.
• Have a big box of big bags and keep them someplace handy.
• Don’t pack all your cleaning supplies for the new house. Keep rags, towels, mops, and garbage cans and trash bags for the clean-up.
• Don’t pack all your toilet paper. Ensure to keep a roll out for the old home and new home.
• Remember to leave out some plates, cups, and paper towels for meals during the move.
• Keep the coffee pot handy to bring to the new home!

The Day of Your Big Move – items people forgetdont-forget-green-post-it-note-Jan-Feb15
• Clocks and small wall hangings.
• Knick-knacks on window sills.
• Items loaned to friends such as snow tires, power tools, and movies.
• Items in crawlspaces – don’t forget the crawlspace!
• Cellphones and computer charging cords.
• Food in the fridge. Do a final check!
• Toilet plunger.
• Medicine in your medicine cabinets.
• Items in your shred – lawn mower.
• Outdoor decorative lights and solar-powered walkway lights.
• The spare key outside.
• The garage door opener from your car.

In conclusion, the next time you move follow these tips and it will go as smoothly as possible. Relocate Stress Free is always here to make your move “stress free” in Calgary and surrounding areas. We offer decluttering services and downsizing services which are also beneficial when you are planning to move. More tips to follow.