Spring and summer are definitely prime seasons to be moving.  The housing market will be “springing” into action and it is time to reduce the clutter in your home.  By decluttering you can focus on your plans for moving. If you have a house that is untidy it will be distracting and Relocate Stress Free suggests you need to do a big spring clean!

To reduce the stress on the day of your big move we suggest tidying early could really help.  This is where planning needs to come into play.  Relocate Stress Free reminds clients to start sorting out and packing a few weeks early.

Next it is time to go through your house and try to figure out what you need to take with you to your new home.  Remember when you are decluttering to sort through all items and decided what needs to be done with each item. Crate it Storage can assist with helping you sort your items accordingly.

cleaningThe final step is to ensure you have all your cleaning products and tools to complete a spring clean. Now it is time to clean, clean and clean.  It is very important for buyers to see a clean well-kept house with no clutter!  Let the selling begin!

Before moving to your new house it is important to arrange for a professional cleaner to do a thorough clean or do it yourself prior to moving in.  This would include cleaning the carpets as well.


If you need assistance in decluttering services, downsizing services, packing services or cleaning services, Relocate Stress Free can help ease your stress!  More tips to follow in the coming blogs.