Packing clothes when you are moving can be so frustrating because when unpacking your clothes they are either dirty or full of wrinkles…grrr.   Do you know how to pack your clothes properly or are they a big pile of mess when you go to unpack after moving too? At Relocate Stress Free we assist our clients with some friendly tips to ease your stress.

Do you know how to properly pack your clothes and shoes when you move
Do you know how to properly pack your clothes and shoes when you move

It is a great idea to buy wardrobe moving boxes for any clothes that need hangers.  Make sure you don’t overpack your wardrobe boxes as they can get very heavy and hard to carry. In the end you will be happy when you unpack your clean wrinkle-free clothes! If you have clothes that don’t need hangers use your suitcases and fold your clothes nicely.

When is the last time you purged your clothes?  It is usually not done often enough.  So when you are packing clothes when you are moving is a great time to think about purging clothes you don’t want or wear anymore.

Don’t forget your shoes!  They are just as important as your clothes. I know I have way too many shoes to forget about them!  Don’t put shoes in garbage bags as they will wreak or scrape your good shoes. Place your shoes in a box and if you are stacking your shoes put packing paper in-between.

Relocate Stress Free recommends that by using wardrobe boxes, suitcases for folded clothes and boxes for your shoes it will ensure less stress when you are unpacking these items and you will be left with clean wrinkle free clothes.  Good luck with your move!